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Having suffered back problems from the age of 16 to the age of 41 I was very sceptical when meeting Richard for the first time as I had been treated by many practitioners over the years who sadly failed to improve my back pain.

I have been visiting Richard for many months and can honestly say I would recommend Richard to anyone. He has worked wonders for me and I feel better than I have for many years.

Andrew Harris, Sidmouth


I firstly came here with serious back, shoulder and neck pain. I have previously been to many places that didn’t help much. Richard is a very professional and friendly person. He has quickly diagnosed my problems and come out with a plan. Sara gave me the warmest welcome and best service. Overall, best treatment and service.

Hoaran Xu, student from Shen Yang China


I had problems over a number of years with a cold/wet feeling in my left foot. Numerous tests with my doctor failed to identify the problem and I was on the verge of having to complete neurological examinations when I decided to visit Richard. Richards practice is known to me as he cured a back problem my step daughter had and has also resolved problems several of my friends have had in relation to back and neck problems. An XRAY identified a trapped nerve and following a course of treatment with Richard the problem I had been suffering from and which the NHS could not identify was cured. I would strongly recommend anyone having back, neck or other associated problems first have an examination by Richard to see if the problem can be identified and resolved. Chiropractors have the specialist training and experience to carry this out an early diagnosis will prevent the problems from developing.

Robert Pennington, Ivybridge


Hi Richard, Sara
Just to say thank you so much for helping me achieve a dream.
It was tough but I finished in 11hrs 45mins.
The knee (and ankle) held out with no issues at all.
Thanks again. I couldn't have done it without your help.

Glenn Allen, Exeter


Having had low back pain for many years, I made an appointment to see Richard. His diagnosis, explanation and treatment was first class. Thanks to Richards treatment I now feel better than I have for many years. I would recommend Richard to anyone. Thank you

Margaret Walford, Exeter


Having suffered 3-4 years with back pains and thinking one day it will just clear up I decided to do something about it. Met Richard at a show and decided to have a treatment. It was one of the best decisions I ever made. I can honestly say after 6 months no more aches and pains. I now have my active life back thanks to Richard.

Andy Lavis, Exeter


For years I have struggled to maintain a gym programme for longer than 6 months. Not because of motivation but because of the pain I used to get in my neck and shoulders. Richard was recommended by a work colleague so I decided to give it a go. The treatment that I have received from Richard and Sara has really helped to relieve pain and tension in the area. I am now able to maintain a gym programme pain free.

Nathan Stone, Exeter


I was experiencing severe pain from my buttocks to my ankle in my left leg. The Doctor having told me it was just a part of getting older, I was thrilled to meet with Richard who assured me he could help. These words proved to be true and over the last few months Richard’s treatment has proved to be effective and pain relieving. His careful explanation of what caused the pain and the method of alleviating it with his treatment has been tremendously helpful.

Barbara Passmore, Exeter


As an enthusiastic golfer I had been struggling since June with a bad back which was restricting my swing. After trying numerous alternatives I was recommended to visit Richard. After only two visits I was able, for the first time in several months to play golf without suffering the aches and pains prior to my visits.

My golf swing is now better than it has been for years and consequently I am enjoying my game much more. I intend to continue visiting Richard to ensure this continues.

Roger Baitup, Exeter


I have suffered with Migraines, headaches and neck problems for many years, I always had a headache of some discription, but never considered seeing a Chiropractor because I was quite scared that it would be painful, and the thought of somebody 'cracking' my neck was enough to put me off! I met Richard who was raising awareness of Exeter Chiropractors. I was really struggling that day with a headache so I thought I would ask him about it. He was really kind and after doing a few little checks he said that the headaches were to do with my neck problems and that he could definitely help me. I was still quite scared about going but I felt confident in what Richard had said to me and I went for my initial Consultation. I would have to say it wasn't my most favourite thing to begin with but I stuck with and then I began to see improvements. I have been seeing Richard for over a year now and my life has changed hugely for the better. I hardly ever have a headache, and if I do, I know how to deal with it without painkillers. I would highly recommend Exeter Chiropractors, and have done so to lots of my friends.

Julia McKenzie-Grant, Exeter


Being a bricklayer I have always had various back and shoulder problems. I have used various chiropractors in this city but when I tried Richard it was the first time the problem was explained and the course of treatments and exercises actually worked. I now know how to prevent injury in the future by using my posture correctly. I would highly recommend Richard and Sara to anyone. Many Thanks.

Neil Stevens, Exeter


I would recommend Richard to anyone suffering from back pain. He is without question the best chiropractor I have ever seen and his results have far exceeded that of anyone I have seen in the past. His kind and gentle manner alone helps you to relax and his expert knowledge and cutting edge techniques make him more than your average chiropractor.

Emily Atkins, Exeter


Richard was quick to diagnose and remedy the pain in my shoulder blades that travelled down to my fingers. I felt Richard and Sara gave a first class service in helping me get on top of the issues and over a course of weeks helped to unblock trapped nerves.

If you have the pain brought on by back, shoulders and general wear and tear through life then I recommend Richard – Exeter Chiropractors!

Rupert Green, Exeter


The treatment given to me by Richard has been wholly beneficial and an unqualified success. Crucially I have learnt that resolving chronic issues requires a sustained application of technique to eventually retrain the body. I now intend to build on the success Richard has given by adhering to a treatment programme over time.

Grant Leitch, Exeter


I would most definitely recommend Richard and Sara to anybody suffering from serious back pain. I had suffered for 4 years with debilitating back pain and sciatica. I had received treatment elsewhere but with no positive outcome and had resigned myself to the fact that this was it and I would have this pain for the rest of my life. After 3 months of treatment I cannot believe that I am virtually pain free.

Charlotte Wilkinson, Exeter


I had been having problems with my lower back, which over a period of about 3 years gradually became increasingly debilitating. I saw a variety of practitioners, including 2 ½ years with a chiropractor, but continued to get worse. I came across Richard Record quite by chance and decided to give it one more go. Over a period of just a few short weeks, my back problems have diminished hugely and I am back to being flexible, comfortable and able to do all my sports.

His diagnosis, explanation and treatment have completely transformed me and I would strongly recommend Richard who is passionate about his work and cares deeply about getting long-lasting results.

Jackie Karkeek, Exmouth


Before visiting Richard I struggled for a long time with back pain. Physio work failed to resolve it but Richard has worked wonders and I feel so much better after just a short course of treatment.

I had given up expecting to get back to normal, but Richard has got me almost 100% back to how I was.

Steve Beer, Exeter


I went to see Richard for my TMJ, neck and lower back problems, and I have to say that the treatments have been very effective. Richard is very knowledgeable; he gave me advices on orthopedic pillows, back rest, how to re-organise my desk to avoid back pain, and also gave me exercises to practice at home or at work. All of these have been greatly beneficial too. I really recommend this friendly and professional clinic.

Sylviane Ursch, Exeter


I am now into the recovery phase of my treatment and am very pleased with this outcome. My neck is so much better and the tension has almost disappeared. I am much more body and posture aware and will definitely be recommending Richard to anyone who has similar problems. Richard and Sara have been great and made my treatment almost a pleasure. Thank you.

Julie King, Exeter


I first came to Richard for treatment after my first pregnancy for lower back pain. After experiencing pain for 2 years and having treatment from various osteopaths, Richard was the first professional to get to the root of the problem and very quickly I was ‘pain free’!

Now at the late stage in my 2nd pregnancy Richard has been treating me for lower back pain. The experience of being able to lay on my front on his specially designed couch is alone a great relief! My pain is now very well managed and with a great treatment plan I now look forward to a pain-free future.

Kate O’Malley, Exeter


I am more than grateful to Richard for setting me straight again after six months of lower back and leg pain. The treatment and exercises, all fully explained, have not only helped me towards full recovery, but have also improved my general well-being and body care.

With his help I will now hopefully avoid any return to my former pain and poor physical condition.

Michael Coxson, Okehampton


I’ve been suffering with persistent headaches for the last 2 years. My doctor and physiotherapist couldn’t help as they were not sure what was causing the pain. I was very anxious and concerned as nothing was helping until my friend recommended Richard. He found the reason of what was causing the headaches and after the treatment and exercises I’ve noticed a significant improvement. I no longer need painkillers and I know that my neck caused the pain. Richard and Sara are both very professional and friendly. I would recommend to anyone.

Emilia Slowkowska, Exeter


I would definitely recommend Richard to anyone who suffers with back pain. He diagnosed my problem straight away and gave me lots of good exercises to do to help my condition. The results were amazing and I definitely feel a whole lot better thanks to him. Richard and Sara are both very friendly, polite and professional and they make me feel at ease when I am here

Kelly Bradford, Exeter


I had no idea what I was suffering from or how it would be treated. All I knew is that I was in so much pain and thanks to Richard’s great expertise and knowledge he found the root of the problem and worked his magic. I have been going for over 3 years and I feel so much better in every way. I look forward to a healthy future!

Joule Luxton, Exeter


After 2 years of physio for various complaints, Richard has by far been the best chiropractor/professional I have come across. After only a few sessions, the diagnosis I have been waiting for seems to have set me on the right path to finally get is sorted!

Ruth Wintle, Bristol


Having experienced nasty pains in my neck and head for a couple of years and having painful legs I thought this is ‘old age creeping on’. However when Richard opened this practice I read the messages on his window and decided to enquire if there was anything he would be able to help with. I have now finished my intensive phase of treatment and feel so much better I cannot really believe it.

Richard and Sara too are so calm and Richard explains things really well and makes you feel very confident that all will be well.

Margaret Cullum, Exeter


As men’s captain I would like to thank Richard and Sara on behalf of the squad for what you’ve done to get the boat on the start line. When I came to you in February that road to Henley looked like a very dark one. I don’t know what you did to Brendan and Ben but something worked. Thank you for contributing to what has been the most successful period in the men’s squad in recent memory.

David Ord, Exeter


I went to Richard and his team around 6 weeks before I was due to run the London Marathon 2017 with a tight and sore posterior chain especially in my calves; once I was assessed, the problem was hightlighed that my pelvis and lower back were out of aline. I had an intensive course of treatment with Richard leading up to the marathon and he got me back on track and in shape so I could run it. I have since completed the London Marathon 2017 and within a reasonable time (3:46) but without Richard and his team I could have never achieved this. So I would to say a huge thank you to the team at Exeter Chiropractors for getting me in the right shape to run the London Marathon 2017. Would highly recommend this practice.

Lewie Heaver, Exeter


I first came to Exeter Chiropractors in Decemeber 2016 after years of problems with my back. Problems that were causing issues with my hips, arms and posture. Richard and the team have been great, I no longer have any of these issues. I now manage my back with once a month appointments.
Thank you Exeter Chiropractors, you are amazing.

Becky Allen, Exeter


For the first time in my life i started tp experience terrible back problems which coincided with lying on a new bed. With working just around the corner i thought i would call and see if anything could be done. Having a job where i move heavy rolls of fabric around didn't help. After being assessed by Richard i soon found that i was on the road to recovery.
After feeling a lot better i have continued coming here every 6 weeks to maintain my healthy back. Without Richard and the team i wouldn't be where i am today.
Pain Free!!!

Frances Metham, Exeter


When i came to Exeter Chiropractors i had been having persistent neck pain and waking most days with a headache. Thankfully my symptoms are much improved thanks to the great teatment here and i now know how to support myself between visits.
My son (age 12) has also benefitted from seeing Richard, as i was concerned about his stooped posture. This is much improved also and he is more careful about the impact of using devices.
Many thanks everyone, Rachel.

Rachel Willett, Exeter


I first came to Exeter Chiropractors with cluster headaches and neck and back pain. I have since been for a course of treatment and im feeling great. I haven't taken pain killers now in months. Thank you so much Exeter Chiropractors team.

Richard Davies, Exeter


I've had a sore hip and stiff neck and shoulder for a number of years, I also felt as if there was a weakness near one of the vertebrae the middle back.
It got to the stage where despite doing exercises and loosening the problems would keep returning. It had reached a stage where my neck was so painful that i wasn't sleeping, so something had to be done.
I've been to Chiropractor's and physio before, but probably never really gave them a proper chance to get to the cause, or in the case of the physio, they never got to the underlying structural issues.
I realised that these issues had been there for over 10 years, so there wasn't going to be a quick solution. It takes time, it's a process and the advice given by Richard has been informative, clear and honest.
Initially i booked for 12 sessions and am now in a less intensive rehabilitation phase. Overall my back is much better and stronger, my neck is cured and hip is considerably better.
Richard has found the issues and addressed them, the exercises Sara has suggested have strenghened my back and improved my posture.
Overall I'm very pleased witht the result. I'm sleeping much better now and much more comfortable.

Steve Capewell, Exeter


After 10 years of ward nursing I started to suffer with lower back pain. I received chiropractic treatment from Richard and quickly felt the benefits and years later no longer have problems with my back.
More recently I injured my hamstring tendons whilst cycling, I visited Exeter chiropractors who treated me with their new laser therapy and after 1 treatment I felt a 95% improvement! Amazing results every time, would always recommend.

Sarah Record, Exeter


Richard and the team are extremely friendly and always make you feel welcome, taking an interest in you and making sure they’re giving the right treatment for each individual.

They worked efficiently to get us back to fill movement following lower back problems and we both made speedy recoveries. The explains things in great detail using terms that you can understand so that you know exactly what your injury is as what needs to happen to get better.

Very knowledgable, friendly and caring.

Callum French, Exeter


Lovely experience, the most helpful staff and actually worked wonders compared with previous chiropractors/osteopaths I had tried.

Lucy Liddicoat, Exeter