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Posted by Richard Record on 4 June 2018 | Comments

There is new research from the BCA (British Chiropractic Association) that has found that 41% of people questioned have been prevented from exercising and being active due to back or neck pain.
Furthermore, 25% of people reported their back or neck pain has deterred them from physical activity for up to a month, with a further 9% stating their back or neck pain has led to them avoiding exercise for over half a year. With summer just around the corner we want to encourage people to be more active in a way that is safe and doesn't cause your back any harm. 

Here are 3 tips that will help when you are exercising:

Know your limits: Even professional athletes aren’t born ready, it takes time to build the intensity of your workout. If you try a new sport, or want to intensify your workout, it’s important to take a slow approach and not to push your body’s limits.

Not all exercise is the same: The fittest of athletes will still find it difficult to adapt to a new sport, as each sport uses some muscle groups more than others. With this in mind, always approach a new activity with care and don’t assume that you can jump in at the deep end.

-Warm up and cool down: Before starting any form of physical activity, you should warm up any muscle groups which might be affected whilst you exercise. If you use them without preparing them first, your muscles could get a shock, causing you pain which could have been prevented.