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Posted by Richard Record on 23 May 2017 | Comments

A lot of our new patients have been taking ibuprofen longterm before they come to us without knowing the harm they can cause. If you know anybody taking ibuprofen longterm it is worth recommending that they seek advice.

There have been fresh calls for restrictions on the sale of the painkiller ibuprofen after another study found that it hightens the risk of cardiac arrest. The Danish investigators studied data on almost 29,000 patients who suffered an out of hospital cardiac arrest recorded in Denmark between 2001 and 2010. They found that the use of any NSAID raised the likelihood of cardiac arrest by 31%. Prof Gunnar Gislason of the University of Copenhagen, who led the study has said "I don't think these drugs should be should in super markets or petrol stations where there is no professional advice on how to use them" 

  Person taking ibuprofen