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Posted by Richard Record on 15 February 2018 | Comments

There has been a big increase in children/teenagers coming in to the clinic with neck pain and headaches due to the use of mobile phones and tablets.

It has been in the news more and more recently with experts warning kids to get off their mobile phones. Chiropractors are treating more cases of neck and back pain in young people than ever before. In the last 3 years there has been a 47% increase in neck problems in mostly teenagers.

A recent survey by the Chiropractic Association has found that chiropractors are seeing up to 20 patients a week due to neck pain and headaches from being on their phone.

It isn't just children that are affected by 'text neck', people of all ages have been advised to limit the amount of time spent looking down at their smart phone and other electrical devices and to be more aware of your posture while using them.