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Posted by Richard Record on 16 May 2018 | Comments

Most drivers could be triggering back and neck pain without even realising. A new study has estimated that almost six million drivers are likely to be causing themselves unnecessary suffering in the UK.

We are encouraging drivers to think about their backs when behind the wheel and warning that sitting in the the same position for long periods of time can lead to neck and back pain.

Here are a few tips to consider when driving:

- Sit correctly in your seat. Make sure you have your bottom against the seat back with your shoulders touching the back rest of the chair. The seat should be set slightly backwards, so that it feels natural and your elbows should be at a comfortable and relaxed angle for driving.

- Relax. A relaxed driving position reduces stress on the spine, allowing your seat to take your weight.

- Lumbar Support. The main aim of a lumbar support is to preserve the neutral arch of your lower back.  When driving most of us tend to round our back. If you don't have a lumbar support consider using a rolled up towel.