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Your spinal cord is like the information superhighway with the “circuitry” necessary to run your body

Sensory Nervous System: Taste, touch, sight, sound and smell are examples of sensory organs sending messages to your brain.

Motor Nervous System: Motor nerves control how your muscles work, such as standing or walking, coordination and balance.

Autonomic Nervous System: The autonomic nervous system controls cardiovascular, digestive, respiratory and many other involuntary functions.

Sympathetic Nervous System: The sympathetic nervous system has a deep connection with your hormonal system to secrete adrenaline and alert your entire body to impending danger, real or imagined (ie, fight or flight).

Like an electrician, we are also interested in the circuitry of your body. The moving bones of the spine are often the source of “brown outs,” short circuits and blown fuses. If you think chiropractic is only about your back, think again!

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