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Posted by Richard Record on 31 January 2018 | Comments

We all know that painkillers don't fix anything, they just hide the problem. It is now becoming apparent that a reliance on painkillers is taking its toll with a rising addiction problem. 

Public Health England is now launching a review into what they are calling the "growing problem" of prescription drug addiction. NHS data suggest one in every 11 patients in England is being prescribed medication that could be addictive, or difficult to come off. This includes sedatives, painkillers and antidepressants.

Director of drugs, alcohol and tobacco at PHE, Rosanna O'Connor has said: "It is of real concern that so many people find themselves dependent on or suffering withdrawal symptoms from prescribed medicines. Many will have sought help for a health problem only to find later on they have a further obstacle to overcome."

Researchers have also found that drugs were being prescribed for longer periods of time when they did not need to be. Experts say long-term use of these painkillers reduces the benefits and actually leads to a risk of addiction.