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Posted by Default Admin on 13 June 2013 | Comments

Here at Exeter Chiropractors we are regularly helping pregnant women with the aches and pains associated with pregnancy and the extra demands it places on the body.

To help us achieve the best results we have now installed treatment benches that are specifically designed for the treatment of pregnant women. The benches have been adapted to allow pregnant women to lie on their fronts comfortably so that low back complaints can be treated more effectively.

Here is some feedback from Kate following treatment assisted using the new benches;

“I first came to Richard for treatment after my first pregnancy for lower back pain. After experiencing pain for 2 years and having treatment from various osteopaths, Richard was the first professional to get to the root of the problem and very quickly I was ‘pain free’!

Now at the late stage in my 2nd pregnancy Richard has been treating me for lower back pain. The experience of being able to lay on my front on his specially designed couch is alone a great relief! My pain is now very well managed and with a great treatment plan I now look forward to a pain-free future.”

Kate O’Malley, Exeter

If you know anybody that is pregnant there is a good chance that they will experience some discomfort during pregnancy and we may be able to make a big difference for them so please let them know!

Yours in health,

Exeter Chiropractors