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Here at Exeter Chiropractors we are always busy helping people with problems relating to prolonged sitting. We work with patients to improve their postures, both seated and standing as part of our help to improve overall health.

According to recent research, cutting back on the amount of time spent sitting down could actually add years to your life expectancy!

Unfortunately many people spend a large amount of each day in a seated position, at a computer at work and commuting to and from work making up a large portion of that time seated.

At study published in the October issue of the British Journal of Sports Medicine, which included nearly 12,000 Australian adults, concluded that each hour spent watching television after the age of 25 reduces your life expectancy by nearly 22 minutes. To put this into perspective, the authors compared it to smoking – each cigarette reduces your life expectancy by about 11 minutes. All in all, the researchers found that adults who spend an average of six hours in front of the TV will reduce their life expectancy by just under 5 years, compared to someone who does not watch TV.

While sitting for long periods is not ideal, it is OK. Your body does not begin to deteriorate as soon as you sit down…it is the repetition that gets you. There is a lot that you can do to reduce the impact.

A strong spine and pelvis are very important as they get the worst of your weight when you sit all day. It is possible to teach your spine and pelvis to remain supportive whilst you sit and stand.

Stand up throughout the day to stretch your body. The simple act of standing tall for a few minutes will break the pattern of sitting but this needs to be repeated frequently. For better health it is important to stand every 30 minutes as a minimum, 20 minutes would be ideal, taking deep breaths, going for a walk and stretching.

We will visit this area again as it has such a large impact on so many people…

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