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Posted by Default Admin on 13 February 2014 | Comments

NSAIDs: otherwise known as non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, can be obtained over-the-counter or by prescription to relieve aches and pains. But are you aware of the risks? These drugs can have serious adverse effects. Gastrointestinal bleeding, muscle cramps, increased risks of heart problems and irregular heart rhythms, even death can be attributed to them. Why risk these unwanted effects to merely mask or cover up an important way your body talks to its owner. The truth is, these drugs, while convenient, merely trick your body so it can’t feel the pain. The cause is still there. As chiropractors we take a different path. We locate and reduce the actual cause of your pain. It starts with a thorough chiropractic examination. Some say, it’s the most complete exam they’ve ever had. Then, as our precise chiropractic adjustments target the underlying nerve interference, symptoms subside as your body’s ability to self-heal is revived. Problem solved. Naturally.